Let's face it, taxes are not going away and no matter who you are, you are expected to pay your part. When filing your taxes, you want someone that you are comfortable with handling this very personal matter, but also someone that is knowledgeable about the ever changing tax laws. CFO Colorado completes business tax returns, individual tax returns, non-for profit business returns and estate tax returns. We have an experienced, knowledgeable staff that is here to work for you to make sure that your taxes are done accurately, in a timely manner, and at a very reasonable price. Spend your time running your business, living your life and not worrying about if your tax returns are being done correctly!


Business tax returns, depending on the entity set up, can be as simple as a Schedule C on your personal tax return, or as complex as a major corporation's tax return that takes significant time to prepare. Let the experts at CFO Colorado handle this for you, no matter what your situation is, and take the worry away about trying to do this yourself.


No small business is the same, and when it comes to sales tax returns, this is no different. Regulations with State sales tax and Home Rule Cities sales tax can be very complex and can get very confusing. If mistakes are made on these returns, penalties and interest will be assessed from the state and the city. Every small business is different and we have found it beneficial for all our clients, new or old, existing or start-up business, to come in and have a sales tax meeting, at no charge, to discuss their current business and sales tax needs. Sales tax reporting can be done annually, quarterly or monthly depending on the nature of your business. Let CFO Colorado help you work through the complexity of Colorado sales tax so you can be assured it is getting done right.


You do not have to be a business owner to have a complex personal tax return. Let CFO Colorado make sure you get all the deductions you and your family qualifies for and make sure it gets done in a timely manner and at a great price. Along with completing your personal tax returns, we provide tax projections for upcoming years so you can prepare yourself for changing situations or make adjustments to your current situation.


There are many businesses that are non-for profits, and CFO Colorado is a great resource to help with the preparation of these returns. Make sure you are doing everything you need to stay in compliance of the strict regulations that are associated with this type of return.


Estate tax returns are very complex returns and are best left to professionals to handle these.