CFO COLORADO ACCOUNTING AND TAX SERVICES became effective January 1st, 2012. The company formerly operated under the name CFOToday - a national franchise. Effective January 1st, 2012, we are no longer affiliated with CFOToday. We continue to provide the same services. The quality of the service we provide has not changed.

And in some cases, we have even expanded our service offerings. From this point forward, we will simply operate under our new name - CFO Colorado Accounting and Tax Services.

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CFO Colorado Accounting and Tax Services is a registered CPA firm serving 100’s of small to medium sized businesses and individuals throughout the US. In CFO Colorado, we find the same basic issues face all small to medium sized businesses across America. The problem is, lots of businesses fail. What we have found is that businesses do not fail because of a lack of technical expertise; they typically fail for a lack of financial expertise. They are working harder – not necessarily smarter, and earning less.

Business owners start their business, and are expected to know how to handle issues related to payroll, accounting, and taxes. This lack of knowledge oftentimes results in frustrations over such things as a lack of profits, a shortfall of cash, tax savings (or worse, an IRS audit), future wealth, and peace of mind.

The problem is that the small business owner does not have the same advantage as a large corporation – they don’t have a Chief Financial Officer to help them. We act as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for business owners. Most accountants just want to crunch numbers in a back office. We believe the business owner should be looking for a true value proposition with their financial professional – one that incorporates both service and cost. We believe they should be looking for a partner - where trust is the cornerstone of a relationship.

What we do in CFO Colorado is provide financial expertise in some key areas and provide the financial tools that will help the owner effectively manage their business. That includes the typical professional accounting services – monthly payroll, accounting/bookkeeping, taxes, and cash flow management. It includes consulting with business owners in areas typically provided by a chief financial officer – such as profitability analysis and assistance with key financial issues. CFO Colorado also provides a myriad of related services - such as health care management, business insurances, and retirement planning.
Our motto at CFO Colorado is “Helping Lead Financial Success”. If we help our clients succeed – we succeed!

  Lonny Haugen

  CPA President

  CFO Colorado Accounting & Tax Services