I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for all the support you have delivered on a consistent basis. CFO Colorado is not simply my accounting firm that sends me a monthly statement to be filed and forgotten. We are a small business. We don't have a bunch of accountants on staff like our vendors do. We have a great production team, an award winning graphic artist, excellent customer service and we produce an excellent product. However; like so many small business' we can't afford a payroll department and an accounting department.
Your system meshes with our needs seamlessly. Keep up the great work. It makes us look like one of the big boys in town. CFO Colorado is an integral part of the BandE team.

Rick Whiteside - Owner
B & E Screen Printing

Since 2005, CFO Colorado has covered my financial business and personal needs from accounting and taxes to payroll. Their staff is efficient, on-time and proactive. They even take a personal interest by monitoring my company's financial success on a regular basis. They have one of the friendliest and most professional staffs that I have ever worked with, in any industry. It is an absolute pleasure to have them on my team.

Todd McIntyre - President
National Comtel Network Inc.