CFO Colorado provides accurate, professional and timely accounting / bookkeeping services to clients of all sizes. We believe that a business is only as strong as their accounting records and we work with each client on an individual basis on what the best process is to maintain their accounting records. We can work with you on whatever accounting software you are currently using. Our standard in house accounting package is through QuickBooks.
Advantages of Allowing CFO Colorado to Complete Your Accounting Work Each Month
  1. By having CFO Colorado complete your accounting, business owners can spend more time running their business instead of their business running them
  2. Business owners no longer have to worry if their accounting records are accurate on tax returns filed for the business because CFO Colorado has done the work for you
  3. Timely reports are provided monthly, including the standard income statement and balance sheet
  4. Yearend accounting records are reviewed, and then business tax returns are prepared, another thing that business owners no longer have to worry about
  5. CFO has all your accounting records in our software so if you ever need reports, you don't have to dig through boxes to find them; we have easy access to these records
What If the Client Wants to Complete Their Own Accounting but are having Trouble?
  1. Many of our clients want to keep their own accounting records each month, but don’t understand how to utilize their accounting software effectively
  2. CFO can provide you with basic training on the software, or provide advanced training is you wish. The training is geared towards your specific needs
  3. CFO can also assist in setting up your preferences, and utilizing the software more effectively
  4. We can provide ongoing training as the need arises
  5. We can review the data monthly or quarterly if you so desire
  6. And … we will be better prepared to review your accounting file at year end when it is time to complete your business tax return
  7. Want to utilize QuickBooks online or some other sort of network based QB option? Call us at CFO – we can help you make the most appropriate decision for you